Raw Food Brunch with Twist and Sprout

Day 7

What better way to start a Sunday then with a hip opening yoga session and post zen three course raw vegan brunch. This morning Susan and Lorna, the owners of Twist and Sprout, hosted a full moon yoga event at The Yoga Room. After yesterday’s 108 sun salutations my entire body was sore, so the idea of doing another intense yoga session seemed daunting when I first woke up. The session I did this morning was calm and relaxed. Apparently during a full moon our bodies get kinda loonie and we don’t preform activity as well, so taking things slow on a full moon is best.

After the yoga session, all 20 participants shared in a three course meal consisting of watermelon basil juice, fresh fruit salad and raw granola with almond milk. There was tea and raw chocolates for dessert! The event was so much fun and the best part was that I got to engage in conversation with some lovely like minded people.

It was pouring rain as I biked home. As I had mentioned on my first day here,  I bought a cheap vintage bike to help me get around. The problem with cheap vintages bikes are that not all parts of them work.  Turns out my back break does not work at all in the rain and my front break only partially works. Not something you want to discover while going down a massive hill, haha. I’m still alive and managed to get home in one piece with nothing more then my nerves shaken. Bright side is I got a chance to use some of the french I learned while in university…. bad french that is 😉

Raw Vegan Fruit Salad  Watermelon Basil Juice  Yoga Brunch Yoga Brunch Morning Breakfast Fruit Salad  Raw Vegan Fruit Salad

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