Yogability Charity Event

Day 6

For those of you who don’t know me or have yet to see the pattern, I love epic yoga events! Anything from yoga on the beach, doing it on Canada’s Parliament grounds or getting my zen on at Arthur’s seat, I love awesome yoga events!

This morning I was fortunate enough to participate in an outstanding charity event put on by Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh for yogability (a local charity).The event consisted of preforming 108 sun salutations. Completing 108 in a row seems awefully dawnting so our instructor, Susan, broke up the event into 9 sets of 12 sun saltuations. Before each set, Susan  dedicated the set to a part of yoga. An example of this was the Santosha set. Santosha means contentment and satisfaction. So during the Santosha set we were asked to focus our minds and energy on feeling content with who we were in that moment and satisfied with how our bodies were behaving, without judgement or discontent 🙂 After 12 sun salutations we all took a few deep breaths in mountain pose while Susan read us a bit about the next set and what to focus on.  Then we all chanted OM and proceeded to complete the next set of 12 salutations. I absoultly loved how the class was broken up. It gave me the time and space I needed to center myself and truly appreciate my body, mind, soul and current state of belonging.


After the practice finished, Twist and Sprout, a local organic raw food and retreat company, provided all participants with fresh organic watermelon, raw chocolates, refreshing water and raw coconut macaroons! These ladies did an excellent job and turns out they are hosting another yoga event followed by brunch tomorrow morning, which is perfect because I’m free 🙂 Bring on the veggies and zen!


After class I headed down town to Edinburgh’s local farmers market. It was really small but had exactly what I was looking for; fresh greens, kale, figs, strawberries and organic hummus. Perfect snacking food for the week ahead.

IMGP8830 Hot ChocolateIMGP8828 IMGP8832 IMGP8834  DSCF099999 IMGP8833 IMGP8835

Spent the rest of the day relaxing at my flat, chilling with the roomies and drinking multiple cups of tea!

3 thoughts on “Yogability Charity Event

  1. Hi Laura, Helen here from Yogability, Twist & Sprout sent me your way, loved the blog post and thank you so much for taking part. Debbie and I so appreciated it. Hope you don’t mind if I link this post from the facebook page. Much love. ❤

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