A Zoo of People

Day 5

People watching and tea drinking seemed to be an appropriate thing to do today; why? I had way too many blisters, muscle aches and butt bruises to bike, walk or run more then a mile.

Last night my flat mates and I went to all you can eat sushi and laughed well into the early morning over drinks and dates. I’m always intrigued about different cultures and their opinions on politics, global issues and general views on life.

This morning I didn’t end up leaving my flat till noon. I stopped off at a local tea shop to grab an almond milk chai latte and ended up coming across this lovely mini outdoor market selling vintage jewelry for super cheap!

IMGP8815 IMGP8818 IMGP8820 IMGP8821

After that I headed towards The Royal Mile to go on a tour of Mary King’s Close.  On the way I was tempted by this juice bike propped against this little Brazilian Kiosk in the park. I’ve had a smoothie at that place before and thought I might as well stop by and say hi to the lovely owners. I ended up grabbing this super delicious vegan gluten free crepe stuffed with butternut squash, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and jalapeno peppers! I was literally having a love affair with it for four blocks 🙂

IMGP8823 IMGP8825 IMGP8826 DSCF0206


I finally made it to Mary King’s Close for their hour tour of the underground city. Needless to say it was super touristy. I know I am a tourist but I purposely avoid tourist traps because I believe if your going to visit a country you should visit the country, not the local gift shop and meet other tourists. The tour was interesting still. If your a history buff I recommend taking the tour if your ever in Edinburgh.

After the tour I killed 2 hours sitting out on the patio of Peter’s Yard and listening to university students gossip, and this Arabic women having an argument with her daughter…. Maybe it wasn’t an argument, maybe they just speak with A LOT of passion and force, lol. Either way it entertaining to watch.

One thing I noticed while sitting out sipping tea was that everyone around me is so absorbed in so form of social media or electronic distractions. Ipod, Ipads, Newspapers, groups, everyone seemed to be stimulated by some form of social interaction. No one seemed to just sit and soak up the gorgeous historic atmosphere, lovely sunshine and culture.I’ll admit when I’m at home I’m always connected, but taking the time to just stop and breath has given me a deeper appreciation for my lungs and my legs, my healthy body and mind and the world around me. Sitting out watching all this hustle and bustle take place made me feel like I was watching a zoo of people.

My evening was spent at a BBQ hosted by Mary and Neil, to lovely people who host monthly BBQ’s for foreigners and people from their church. I was invited by Rebecca, a lovely girl that I met during the Edinburgh Lochs and Castles Bike tour last Wednesday. It was a nice cozy group of people and the food was amazing; more grilled veg then I could possibly ask for.

Tomorrow I’m partaking in a local yoga charity event! 108 Sun Salutations…. god help me!

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