Yoga on Arthur’s Seat

Day 4

Yes this blog title sounds quite odd but to be fair, there is no other way to explain what I did today. I woke up this morning to gorgeous blue sky’s and thought, ” Perfect day to climb Arthur’s Seat and get some yoga in”. Arthur’s Seat is the name of the extinct volcano in the middle of Edinburgh. If your Mormon, the volcano has a different name, Pratt’s Hill.

To get to the hill only takes 3 miles (4.8 km) but if you do it the Laura way (get lost or distracted by fruit stands) the trip will end up taking 3.5 to 4 miles (6 km) one way. Oh well good news is I grabbed a bunch of ripe kiwi to eat when I reached the top.

IMGP8780 IMGP8781   Smoothie Kiosk, Edinburgh Fruit Stand, EdinburghIMGP8784 IMGP8785

The hike to get to the top of Arthur’s Seat was steep, very steep. There is a “stair case” carved out of the hill side, kind of like the one in The Lord of The Rings. I don’t know why I chose to climb that side of the hill, the other side was all grassy and a soft climb.

At the top of the hill you have a panoramic view of Edinburgh including Edinburgh Castle, the coastline, neighboring villages, a wind farm and the highlands.

I set up my yoga mat in a nice flat area overlooking Edinburgh’s coast line. It was simply beautiful; ocean breeze, fresh air, and amazing scenery. I did a good 45 minutes of sun salutations, twists and balancing poses. It feels like its been ages since I’ve done yoga, even tho I did it last week on Parliament Hill. Saturdays 108 salutations charity event may be a total flop 🙂

IMGP8808 Edinburgh, Scotland IMGP8805 Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland  Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland

On the way home I stopped by a little Lebanese cafe for lunch. Really good food and I found the presentation of the meal was lovely. I had pita, hummus and roasted veg. Earlier I had said finding vegan food in Edinburgh was fairly easy, well finding vegetarian food is easy, but asking people to hold the butter, yogurt and milk is a tad bit more difficult. Most of the time I get confused faces looking back at me after my request and then I end up getting some dairy product anyways…. Maybe it’s the Canadian accent?

Continuing from lunch, I got lost again. Had to make a pit-stop for some fresh dates 🙂 Managed to find my way back to familiar ground and eventually back home. As much as I complain about getting lost I actually think it’s so far been my favorite part of the trip. It’s kinda fun discovering new streets, pubs, cafe’s and shops. In total today I walked close to 12 km!

IMGP8812 IMGP8814

Tonight my flat mates (Alissa, Edward and Issam) and I are going for “all you can eat sushi”…. Bring on the cucumber rolls!

It’s funny how my daily routine thus far has been get up round 10, figure out what I want to do, leave the house, get lost, walk for hours, do whatever I intended to do, grab a cup of tea, get lost again, grab some more tea, sit and soak up the sun, fresh air and culture, somehow make my way home, blog, nap, wake up, eat something that sounds vegan, sleep, repeat! Man am I having the time of my life 🙂


7 thoughts on “Yoga on Arthur’s Seat

  1. Your trip sounds amazing so far, it is wonderful to hear your thoughts and see your pictures. This makes me want to go travel even more.

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