Chai in Edinburgh

Day 2

Second day here in the land of gingers and what a laid back day it was. I didn’t manage to get out of bed till 11. After make a quick bit I grabbed the map and made the hour walk over to New Town where Patrick lives. We grabbed a cup of tea and talked for a bit then he left me to my own to explore New Town.

New town is gorgeous; the street fronts look much the same as old town only you can tell by peeking through windows that the interiors of these homes are more posh. I went up this a road called Calton Terrace and found my breath to be taken away by a birds eye view of new town and Edinburgh’s coast in the distance. I must make a note of spending a day cycling in that area.

During the rest of my walk I popped into the old Calton Cemetery. Here most grave stones dated back to the last 1700’s; something you never see in Canada. What I found to be particularly memorable about the site was among all the stone and death, a lovely set of bright yellow flowers emerged from one of the grave stones. Seeing this made me comforted to know that in any place of darkness there is always life and light.

I popped into a cute little vegetarian restaurant for lunch called Hendersons. They were established in the 1960’s and have since been serving crowds of tours and locals. This summer they are celebrating their 50th anniversary and in doing so are putting on loads of events such as speed dining!

I didn’t end up getting home till 4 and after a quick nap I decided to spend my evening in the park near my flat having a picnic dinner.

I went grocery shopping yesterday evening at a near by supermarket and managed to scrounge up oats, raisins, rice, nori, soy-sauce, almond milk, tea, grapes, lemons and pears. Fresh produce in Edinburgh seems to be a tough thing to find for a decent price so as far as dinners are concerned I have a feeling I will be indulging in a fair amount of Indian, Thai and Chinese veggie take-a-way’s.

Right near my flat there is this shoe box of an Indian restaurant called The Curry Leaf. They may be small but they make a superb naan and lentil potato curry.

Currently on my little blanket in the park kinda freezing but enjoying people watching and the sites and smells of Edinburgh. Until tomorrow…..

…. Opps. Later today I went to this super cute Bollywood Kiosk and the lovely owner made me a special almond milk chai latte using her family recipe from back in India 🙂 Yes I know I’m in Scotland but come on people, homemade fresh Indian chai, who could refuse!



IMGP8758 IMGP8760

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