Bachelor of Engineering Convocation 2013

I did it, I finished my four year bachelor degree in environmental engineering! I was there, standing on stage being called to receive my diploma and all I can remember is my super awesome, slightly jet legged family yelling a big “Yee Haw Laura!”. Yes we are from Alberta (cowboy country)!

My mom, brother, soon to be sister in law Monica, dad and step mom all came down for the big day. During the days leading up to the ceremony, I had a chance to spend time catching up with my big brother whom I hadn’t seen in 6 years and his lovely fiance Monica. They both flew in from Seoul, South Korea on Saturday. It’s amazing how much I missed having my brother around. The teasing and arguing, jokes and immature behavior came back and made me feel so at home. I’d have to say the best immature moment Leland (my bro) and I had during the week was when my mom was driving us to the airport tonight. My mom is…. well she thinks she’s an amazing driver but we all know that’s not true, so to keep things entertaining, we decided to exaggerate every brake, accelerate and turn she made. Now she didn’t know we were planning on doing this till the first light. When she slammed on the brakes we all propelled our bodies forward and then shot the back into their seats. She was laughing to the point of tears near them end of the car ride!

IMG_1017 IMG_1018  IMG_1021 IMG_1023IMG_1019

My convocation ceremony went well…. I mean what can you expect really from 3 hours of sitting in a hot robe waiting for  10 seconds of glory? I must admit it was lovely seeing friends and catching up one last time before heading off to promising careers and lives that may never cross again. Most defiantly the best part of convocation was going up on stage and receiving my degree.I know it’s just a piece of paper but that little piece of paper represented the determination and perseverance injected into four years of constant work. It represented all those late nights finishing projects, all those horrible laboratories that ended in broken vials and inaccurate pipetting. That thin sheet of paper summaries all the laughs shared with friends, butterflies felt with new love, tears passed during tough life changing moments and most importantly that piece of paper will remind me each and everyday that I alone am in charge of the decisions I make and the life I choose to live.

While standing on the stage I made a promise to myself; that from then on I will take every opportunity life throws at me with open arms, embrace both the good and the bad, and never settle for less then true happiness. I will not settle for being content with my life and refuse to spend another moment regretting missed opportunities 🙂

Now onto the pictures! WOOT! Only issue I seriously have with Carleton is they did not provide us with the stupid dorkie graduation hats 😦  I’m currently in the airport waiting to take of to Edinburgh, Scotland for a month of finding/ losing myself or what ever your supposed to do at 22!

DSCF0158 DSCF0146DSCF0048DSCF0087DSCF0095DSCF0069DSCF0105DSCF0106DSCF0107DSCF0127DSCF0129DSCF0137IMG_0844IMG_0995

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