Portland Oregon, A Vegan Metropolis

Portland Oregon is one of those cities where you feel instantly at home, especially if your vegan. The city is surrounded by lush green vegetation, charming Victorian style homes, gorgeous downtown apartments, blocks upon blocks of locally owned shops and more vegan options then a girl could ever ask for. Exploring the city is kind of like opening up a little blue Tiffany’s box; your so excited to see whats inside because you know its going to be good and then once you open the box aka explore the city, it’s better then you ever imagined!

My mom and I spent four days in Portland; one exploring the city and three attending Vida Vegan Con.  After surfing, yoga, rollerblading and walking Santa Monica for a week, we decided it would be best to do some damage to my mom’s credit card and spend our first rainy day in Portland doing what women do best…. SHOP!

Now Portland is known for having its different shopping districts such as the alphabet district, the pearl district, etc. We chose to spend the day in the alphabet district because it has a good mix of vintage shops, upscale consignment stores and featured a fair amount of local designers. After 3 hours of non-stop shopping we managed to cover 3 city blocks…. yes that’s it!

IMG_0728 IMG_0729 IMG_0732 IMGP8619 IMGP8620IMGP8627 IMGP8631IMGP8629

Vida Vegan Con is a blog conference held in Portland. The conference attracts hundreds of vegan bloggers, activists and food lovers from around the globe. During the three day conference we consumed kilogram upon kilogram of fresh fruits and veggies, locally baked treats and a fair amount of new vegan products. Although eating seemed to be all we did, we managed to attend a dozen or so lectures on topics such as food styling, being a vegan in a non-vegan profession, ethical eating and how to be vegan advocate.

I found the conference was run quite well and had a good selection of knowledgeable speakers. The event was very welcoming to everyone including those interested in trying a vegan lifestyle, new bloggers anxious to become the next ppk and veterans who wanted to come out and be surrounded by a like minded community. The only thing I would have liked to see was more outdoor workshops like gardening workshops or event tours throughout the city.

IMGP8645 IMGP8650 IMGP8658   IMGP8671

IMGP8665 IMGP8654 IMGP8645 IMGP8652

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