Catching Some Waves

During our final days in Santa Monica, I tried my luck at surfing. I’ve grown up on downhill ski’s and learned to water ski in my early teens but have yet to master any sport that requires both feet on the same board. So I decided this trip was the trip to make surfing happen.

Now I know next to zero about surfing. That paired with my fear of aquatic life, mainly sting rays, I decided this was not the time to be frugal. I took a two hour private lesson with Nicole from Star- Surf. Nicole has been surfing for over a decade. That experience paired with a great sense of humor made for an enjoyable afternoon.

We started the session with dry land work; building up my arm strength, learning proper surf positions and how to pop up drills on a board. After I got the basics down, we headed off to the salty sea. Now surfing looks glamorous in the movies and when you watch experts from the shore; but when your out there as a newbie you better be prepared to swallow gallons of salty H2O, be swept off your feet by strong waves and have a lop sided pony tail within seconds.

It took a good 45 minutes of attempts before I got up on the board. That feeling of getting up and actually surfing was indescribable and truly priceless. I managed to pop up two more times, the second I was able to ride the wave all the way to shore! I can honestly say I am now a surf junkie!

IMG_0633 IMG_0631IMG_0655 IMG_0649IMG_0711IMG_0696IMG_0674IMG_0661 

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