Into The Raw

Rawvolution is a restaurant and “bakery” in Santa Monica California that has mastered the art of making enzymes and vitamins taste spectacular. Whether you want to sip into something warm, dunk into a refreshing green juice, indulge in a coconut meat cheese cake, have a refreshing appetizer or splurge on a full course meal, this place has it all.

We stopped by this cozy shop twice; once for an appetizer before dinner and another to warm up after a long day of exploring. Opps we also sneaked in a dessert from them while on out trip.

For appetizers we had their off the menu raw bruschetta on a herb nut bread. To keep us warm in the Santa Monica wind we grabbed super decadent in house almond milk chia lattes and for dessert we gave into a triple chocolate coconut meat cheese cake!

What I liked most about this restaurant is that they did a good job providing a wide variety of raw food. I’m not a big fan of dense nut based raw foods, so having a coconut meat dessert instead of a nut based dessert was refreshing.

I know you all are almost sick of me talking about how unbelievably awesome Santa Monica is, but be patient; I’m almost done …. almost haha.

IMGP8347 IMGP8348 IMGP8349 IMGP8350 IMGP8352 IMGP8363 IMGP8364  IMGP8362

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