Yoga On The Beach

For all you Yogi’s and Yogini’s out there who dream of someday opening your hearts to the ocean while in mountain pose, look no further. Beach Yoga with Brad is a free event held every Saturday and Sunday morning on the beaches of Santa Monica, California. I did not have the please of meeting him but was taught a lovely hour and a half class out in the sun by his daughter.


Now for those of you who have yet to partake in beach yoga but want to know if it’s as glamorous as it sounds, ill give you the low down on my experience. The class started at 10:30 on the beach about 30 meters from the shore, which meant buckets of sun screen was required! Don’t forget this step. I only brought my yoga mat and after finishing my first Vinyasa I realized a towel or two underneath the mat would have helped tremendously when keeping sand off the mat. Once I got passed the initial annoyance of my mat sinking into the sand after every warrior pose I began to really get my zen on. Listening to the waves hit the shore allowed me to get into a breathing-meditative rhythm that so many Yogi’s try to achieve.


Towards the end of the class, we went to the water and preformed balancing poses on the wet, hard sand. Now this worked great if you had a point on the floor to focus on, but the second a wave came up, your balance was compromised because your feet sunk into the ground like quick sand. I fell over once or twice throughout the series but hey It was refreshing none-the-less.

We ended our hour and a half session in Savasana. This is were beach yoga is really amazing. You get to fall into a deep meditation while listening to the ocean and getting a sun tan! Woot! Killed multiple birds with that stone, lol.

  DSCF8128 DSCF8132 DSCF8134 DSCF8137

Now for those of you who do not have an ocean at their disposal, I still recommend looking into trying yoga in your area. If you check out or lululemon, you can often find a free yoga event in your area! Yes you may not have the sound of the ocean in the background, but that’s all the more reason to get good at yoga in your home town then put doing beach yoga on your bucket list to someday check off.

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