Whole Foods; A Vegan’s Paradise

Whole foods is not your typical supermarket. With ceiling to floor freezers packed with coconut milk ice cream, entire sections of refrigerator dedicated to alternative meat produces and a variety of produce with names impossible to pronounce, it’s no wonder this store is a vegan’s paradise.

For those of you in the United States reading this, please humor me, I know this is just a supermarket and your there all the time so you can’t possibly comprehend how awesome this place is. For everyone else out there, you have to go to a whole foods at some point in your life! Fresh juice bars are at every location, they have a vegan grill that custom makes grilled veggie sandwiches, there is even a vegan pastry department. I can honestly say this place is vegan wonderland!


IMGP8524 IMGP8533 IMGP8539IMGP8536


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