Cafe Gratitude, Best Fresh Food in Venice

Cafe Gratitude is a restaurant located in Venice, California which is for lack of a better word amazing! Fresh produce mixed with culinary genius makes these dishes both delicious and nutritious.

During our stay in California, we went here twice; once for brunch after yoga on the beach and once for lunch after a morning getting pampered at the spa. The staff here are really friendly and what stood out the most was their daily tradition to ask customers a question about themselves. We were asked what we were most proud of. My mom said she was most proud of being able to keep up with her 22 year old daughter on roller-blades (high five mom!!). I was most proud in that moment of finishing my undergraduate degree.

It’s interesting, at least for me being a forward thinker, I never seem to sit down and enjoy what I’m proud of. Something I need to do more of!

Ok onto the FOOD. We had a ton of it! For brunch we had buckwheat pancakes with fruit and maple syrup, chia seed oatmeal topped with goji berries and almond milk, I had a chia spice smoothie and we both shared a cinnamon scone with apple butter. Hands down the best thing was the scone and apple butter! It was just sweet enough and perfectly moist! I need to put making apple butter on the to-do list.

Lunch after our spa morning consisted of raw buckwheat and flax seed crackers with guacamole and hemp seed spread, a kale smoothie and a big bowl of salad with Goji cayenne dressing! WHAT! Yes goji and cayenne do work, who knew?

For all you out their reading this, make sure you stop by Cafe Gratitude if your ever in L.A.

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