Surfing on The Wave Of Life

California sun, salt water waves, yoga on the beach and countless hours of rollerblading. Yes people this was my life the past week!

For a graduation present, my mom took me to Santa Monica, California for a week of nothing but fun and vegan food. We chose Santa Monica because of the cities beach side pavement and vegan cuisine. We both love to Rollerblade and have done so in Edmonton, Vancouver and now California.

The week started with early morning blading alongside the delicious open ocean. We managed to cover Venice Beach, Santa Monica Peer and made it all the way to Malibu. Our days were spent hitting up local vegan hot spots like Rawvolution, Thai Vegan, Urth Cafe, Main Squeeze Juice Bar, Cafe Gratitude, M.A.K.E, Swingers Diner, Golden Mean Cafe and Real Food Daily.

Hands down our favorite restaurant was Thai Vegan and their outstandingly delicious rice paper wraps with peanut sauce!

The rest of the trip included loads of shopping, yoga on the beach (compliments of Brad and the staff at Exhale Yoga studio for letting us in on the event), surfing with Nicole, lazing on the beach sipping on juice and more eating!


Best moment of the trip: My mom and I just finished watching the Great Gatspy and we had this massive craving for Pie! We rushed over to Real Food Daily at 9 pm and got two delicious sliced of vegan strawberry rhubarb pie topped with coconut milk ice cream. It only cost meager $31.40 US!!! But was well worth the memory.


Most hilarious moment of the trip: Oh there were a few, number 1 on the list was when  we where at the airport and  were about to miss the shuttle bus. My mom had the brilliant idea of propelling our luggage trolley into the round about exit doors so we wouldn’t have to wait for the doors to go around and let us in…. long story short the trolley got stuck, we got trapped in the doors and alarms were going off everywhere.

Worst part of the trip: My Canadian skin was not prepared for the amount of UV down in Cali. Massive sunburn that I am currently peeling from 😦


Things I have to do again: SURFING! And have to go back to Thai Vegan just to drink coconut water straight from the coconut.



Things I have yet to find else were other then California: Vegan Soft Serve.



After spending a week in Cali, we headed off to Portland Oregon for……. Vida Vegan Con!!! A 3 day vegan blog conference featuring amazing talks for famous bloggers and kilograms upon kilograms of vegan goodies. Details to come!


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